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SweepsCrush – November 2021 Sweeps Crushing Wins

We’re so glad we have so many new players entering every day! We just love giveaways! That’s what we’re here for, and we also love to showcase those who win cash, a gift card or a great prize! After all, we wouldn’t give it away if we didn’t just love it! It’s kind of like we wouldn’t give a gift to someone that we wouldn’t like to receive ourselves.

Starting off this impressive group of November 2021 winners is Mark S. from Leland, North Carolina, who won the $50 Chili’s Gift Card on November 4! If you’re a fan of Chili’s, you can see why this is among our popular prizes. They have so many delicious menu options and beverages whether you head there for lunch, hit the Happy Hour Specials, or take your favorite person and indulge in one of those fabulous meals for two! With $50 you can certainly get a lot to eat and enjoy a great time with someone you like to dine out with or take a to go order to cozy up at home! Keep entering, because we’ll be giving this prize away again and would be so very stoked if you’re our next winner!

Carmen H. from Cedarhurst, New York, just may be getting an early start to her holiday shopping since she has a cool $100 to spend at Target after she won the gift card prize on November 11! Way to go, Carmen. Pause for the happy dance! What a great place to shop to find everything you need to make your season extra special this year. Don’t forget to download the Target app and turn on notifications so you don’t miss any of their special deals and holiday sales! You can also order through the app for home delivery or curbside pick up if you need to save time on shopping. It’s always fun and easy to shop at Target!

Theresa H. in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, also won a spectacular Kindle Fire 7 Tablet win on November 18, which is another one of our very favorite giveaways! Now she can take SweepsCrush wherever she travels and enjoy her favorite online activities, entertainment, communications and more! This is the most popular tablet device on Amazon and we’re sure it will be Theresa's favorite too. Enjoy it to the max, Theresa! For those who would also like to win the Kindle tablet, keep entering as we are giving away another one soon. 

Speaking of winners, we have a boatload of $20 winners since we give away $20 to one player every day! That means, for the month of November, thirty of you received that surprise winner email notice from us and got $20 to spend on something we hope you enjoyed! Jayne N. from Logan, West Virginia, got that fun email and we hope she used her prize money to treat herself to a nice lunch out with the girls or perhaps a holiday themed manicure at her favorite nail salon!

Stacy W. in Louisville, Kentucky, may have bought a couple of Gund stuffed animals to donate to the local toy drive with the $20 she won on November 6. Winning always feels great, but so does giving so there’s no shame in paying it forward to make someone else feel happy! ‘Tis the season!

Geraldine C. in Moscow, Pennsylvania, might be cooking up some of her famous homemade perogies for the family holiday get togethers since she has an extra $20 to spend on fresh ingredients now that she added her name to the $20 daily cash winners list on November 8! That sounds like a scrumptious way to enjoy your cash prize and we’re sure your family will agree since there’s nothing like home made to make everyone feel cozy and satisfied!

Dennis M. in Clementon, New Jersey, may not be able to resist ordering his favorite Jersey style pizza pie with the $20 daily cash he won on November 23! There’s a great way to enjoy your prize money and a delicious meal delivered right to your door if you want to stay home and relax for the evening!

Congrats to everyone who got a winner email message from us this month!  Everyone, make sure to enter with your favorite email, meaning the one the check the most often, so you won’t miss any important messages from us, like a prize winner notice or special email contest.

Don’t forget to enter for our $125,000 cash giveaway, along with the $500 cash prize, the super fantastic 50” Smart UHD TV, the Quadcopter Drone, $250 Visa and $100 Target Gift Cards and, of course, the $50 Chili’s Gift Card, the Kindle Fire 7 Tablet and the $20 daily cash prize. 

Our sweeps are always 100% free to enter! We hope to see you on the winner’s list! Best of luck at crushing your favorite prize!