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SweepsCrush March 2022 Winners Who Crushed It!

We’re happy to see so many new players enjoying our free daily sweeps and it’s even more thrilling to see your names on the Winners List! CRUSHING your free daily entries is definitely the way to go so you don’t miss out on your chances to claim opportunities to win! 

Raylen M. from Chula Vista, California,  can go out for some great food at Chili’s since she won the $50 Chili’s Gift Card prize drawing on March 3! Chili’s is a great neighborhood place to enjoy a meal with a friend or someone special, head over for happy hour, or even get a to-go order and take dinner home to your family! They have some awesome meals for two and great specials, so $50 can go a long way to satisfy whatever you’re craving! On top of that, if you join Chili’s Rewards program, they’ll give you a complementary side of chips and salsa or other free food with every order you place to dine in or take out! They have convenient curb side pick up too, so if you want to call ahead or place your order online, they’ve got you covered! Great people, great food and great service is what Chili’s is all about, and that’s one of the reasons we give this gift card away. We sure do hope you enjoy it, Raylen!

Linda M. in Westfield, New York, is certainly enjoying a free shopping spree at Target since she won the $100 Target Gift Card on March 10! What a fun place to shop and, with $100 to spend, you’re sure to have a great time browsing around to see what you’d like to buy! Target makes it easy whether you head to the store or visit their website to order for curbside pickup or home delivery! You can find everything you need for personal care, clothing, household items, gifts, toys, pet supplies, electronics, movies and entertainment, groceries and more! Plus, with Target’s Circle club, you can earn extra discounts on the items you love to buy. One run and you’re done is their slogan because it’s really true! If you’re not sure what you want to buy you can see what’s trending on their website and find out what others think of the products. If you have a question about an item, you can also view questions other shoppers have posted, or ask a question if you need to before you decide to buy. Have fun shopping, Linda!

Jay S. who won the $500 Cash Prize on March 17, a very lucky day indeed! That’s certainly thrilling news to get in your email and with all that cash you’re sure to enjoy doing whatever you like! That a nice fat chunk of change you could use to pay for a fun weekend getaway. Or perhaps you’ll buy yourself a new smart tv so you can enjoy streaming all of your favorite programming or buy a new grill for your patio so you can show everyone who the real grill master is! You could also use it to go out to dinner, go shopping, pay off some bills, or anything you’d like and that’s always exciting when you have free money to use as you please! We hope whatever that turns out to be, you have a really great time spending it and enjoy every moment of being a $500 winner, Jay! Have fun with your prize money!

Speaking of fun, Tracy Y. of Colorado Springs, Colorado, may be relaxing on her couch touring the mountain vistas since she is now the proud owner of one of our coolest prizes. Tracy won the Quadcopter Drone on March 24, and we’re always delighted when one of our players wins this amazing prize. You can tour around your neighborhood, check your roof if you heard a noise and it may be a bird or a squirrel up there, and even take photos to share with your family and friends or create a scenic photo album to upload to your social media pages so everyone can enjoy seeing those fantastic views! It certainly is an elevated way to have a lot of enjoyment and we hope you have many great times with it, Tracy!

Keep in mind, we also give away $20 to one player every day. Don't miss your opportunities. Be sure to enter this giveaway as well. That’s free cash you can use for whatever you need. So, if you want you can put extra gas in your car, and who doesn’t need that these days, especially if you commute to work every week! You could also buy yourself a couple of lunches or dinner, like your favorite pizza delivery so you can put your feet up and relax while you wait for that delicious hot pie to arrive! Whatever you need extra cash for, you can use this $20 if you win.

Be sure to enter every day as there is a winner each night.  Keep an eye on your email inbox for messages from us! That’s where we’ll let you know if you won this or any of our fantastic sweep’s giveaways! Plus, if you win the $20 cash, you can collect your prize payment by check in the mail, a PayPal payment to your account or an Amazon Gift Card so you can buy yourself something special! Winner’s have those choices so just let us know which you prefer if you receive a winner email from us.

Some of the players who won the $20 cash prize this month include: Sheryl B. from Bandera, Texas, Amelia M. of Zephyrhills, Florida, Tamika M. in Clementon, New Jersey, Sharon J. from Lowell, Massachusetts, Noyabrina D. of Brooklyn, New York, Curtis N. from Winfield, Kansas, Debra R. in Ronde, Oregon, Carol M. from Saucier, Mississippi, and Ray M. in Phoenix, Arizona. Congrats, everyone!

For a complete list of winners, head to our Winners Page where you can see all of the players who have been crushing their free entries and winning our sweepstakes giveaways. SweepsCrush is always 100% free to enter and completely free to collect your prize if you win. We offer a variety of prizes, gift cards and cash giveaways, with the top prize being an impressive $125,000, which could no doubt be a life-changer. So, be sure to enter every day to claim your daily opportunties to win this $125,000 prize! One important note: make sure to use the email address you check often because that’s how we’ll let you know if you’ve won a giveaway! We wish everyone good luck and thanks for entering to win SweepsCrush!