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SweepsCrush January 2022 Crushing Wins

The month of January brings renewed hope and aspirations for good things to come with a fresh start. There are also new chances to CRUSH your opportunity to become one of the next winners! We’re always delighted to add new names to the winners list and especially love when our players are so happy to win! That’s what we’re all about, making people happy by giving free and easy ways that are fast and simple to enter to win.

We pride ourselves on a nice assortment of prizes and hope you enjoy the selections of what you can enter to win. Some sweepers pick and choose what they focus on, and others simply go for it and enter everything available. That’s entirely up to you! We’re so happy to announce who won in January and landed an awesome prize win!

Michael G. in Syracuse, Nebraska, surely will visit SweepsCrush more often, since he can take his new Kindle Fire 7 Tablet anywhere he goes after winning the January 6 drawing! This little table packs a punch and, since it’s so portable, it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling across the country or across your house to refill your coffee, you can take it anywhere and get everything done you need to accomplish in your day, including entering SweepsCrush!

Paul F. of Williamsburg, Virginia, has some extra shopping money to spend since he won the $100 Target Gift Card prize drawing on January 13! What a fantastic place to shop since you have so many options of what you can buy. Plus, you can shop online for home delivery or curbside pickup if you’d like the convenience of picking out what you’d like to get at your leisure. Target always makes it easy to shop no matter which way you choose to go on that run!

Terry S. of Ottawa, Illinois, may also be doing some shopping since she won the $250 Visa Card prize drawing on January 20! That sure is an awesome win and you have so many choices of where you can spend it since Visa is accepted just about any place you can imagine! Whether you need to pay bills, buy household supplies or you’d just like to crush an awesome shopping spree and spend it on whatever catches your eye, it’s always fun having a Visa Gift Card in your hands!

William R. in Portland, Oregon, may be heading out for happy hour followed by a nice dinner since he won the $50 Chili’s Gift Card prize drawing on January 27! With so many options, like meals for two, you’re sure to enjoy all of your delicious favorites with the person you just love sharing meals with!

Don’t forget, we also award a $20 prize every single day . It’s exciting to win free money you can use to put gas in your car, buy a lunch or two, get your favorite pizza or takeout delivery, or whatever you’d like to use it for! Congrats to everyone who won that $20 cash this month including Milagros B. in San Jose, California, Gordon A. from Daytona Beach, Florida, Frederick L. in West Sacramento, California, Lolitta P. of Maryville, Tennessee, and Logan H. from Fort Madison, Iowa. To see the entire list of winners, feel free to visit our winners’ page!

Don’t miss opportunities to win cash up to $125,000 and some truly amazing prizes! We’d love nothing more than to notify you of an exciting prize win and add your name to our distinguished list of winners! We have plenty of giveaways coming up so keep an eye on the drawing dates and don’t miss your opportunities to enter these great giveaways.

Be sure to use an email address you can easily access on a daily basis so you can check for messages from us. If you win, we’ll notify you at the email address associated with the winning entry. That’s why it’s important to enter with your main email and spell it correctly before submitting your entries. You can also follow us on Twitter @SweepsCrush to keep up with the latest news. Be sure to turn on our notifications so you can see all of the exciting tweets from SweepsCrush and share them with your friends!