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SweepsCrush Winner Highlights - April to August 2021

We just love awarding prizes to our winners. And the past several months we've been busy doing just that. Check out the list of winners and don't forget that you can enter daily to claim your opportunities to win cash and other great prizes on SweepsCrush.

Laura W. of Spruce Pine, North Carolina, was among our very first winners when she was selected chosen as a winner on April 29, to win the spectacular 50” UHD Smart TV. You think you enjoy TV until you feast your eyes on a set like this and, suddenly, you’re transported by the picture quality, sound and smart features you never knew you were missing until you have them! This is something we’re certain you’ll enjoy for a very long time, Laura! Congratulations!

Latrease H. in Palm Beach, Florida, just might be surveying the rooftop to see what pretty bird is whistling that song she keeps hearing now that she can check it out with the Quadcopter Drone, which she won in our prize drawing on May 13! What a fun prize for kids of all ages and we’re sure you’ll have a blast exploring all the ways you can enjoy it. Have fun with it, Latrease!

Bob F. also won a fantastic prize when he was chosen in the drawing on May 27, for a $100 Target Gift Card. We really love this prize because Target is such a great place to shop. Whether you want to indulge in an assortment of scrumptious Merci chocolates, refurbish your home accessories with cozy pillows and blankets or new lamps, shop for groceries or household items, buy new clothes or pet supplies, you can find a wide array of products online or in store. That’s why they advertise you can get it done in one run! It happens to be true. Have fun shopping, Bob!

Sue M. is no doubt took the night off from cooking since she won the $50 Chili’s Gift Card on June 24! What a fun place to have a great meal and some tasty drinks! We’re sure you and a friend or loved one will have a great time and if you don’t feel like dining in, no worries, you can easily get your order to go and take it home or go eat it at the park or on the beach or wherever you’d like! Bon Appetit!

Jeri B. of Lyme, New Hampshire, won’t miss anything he loves to do online, now that he has the amazing Kindle Fire 7 Tablet, he won in the July 29 prize drawing. We love this prize and everyone who wins it loves it too. It’s so easy to use, take with you when you travel across the country, across town or just across your house to sit in the living room or lounge in the backyard and enjoy the fresh air while you get your tasks done and keep in touch with the things and people you love!

Thomas W. of Naples, Florida, may be taking his sweetheart out for a tasty meal he can pay for with the $50 Chili’s Gift Card he won in the August 5 prize drawing! Whether you want a delicious assortment of 3 for $10 appetizers, $8 lunch specials, a piping hot plate of fajitas or a mouth-watering burger, you can satisfy your tastebuds with all they have to offer. You can even get a meal for 2 complete with an appetizer and two entrees for just $25, which means you can go there twice with your gift card. Pretty cool! Enjoy!

Harry O. has some shopping money in his pocket since he won the $100 Target Gift Card giveaway on August 27. Just in time for back-to-school shopping if that’s what you need to do. Of course, you can buy anything you want and since Target carries such as wide selection of products, you’ll no doubt enjoy picking out all the things you can get with your gift card. You can head to the store, shop online for curbside pickup, or order home delivery. Any way you choose to shop, Target has you covered!

Thanks to all our SweepsCrush entrants for entering to win cash and prizes on our site. We also award $20 every day to one player who is chosen at random, at midnight eastern. Don’t forget to check your email for a potential prize winner message from us. If you’re chosen as the lucky winner, we’ll offer you the choice of an Amazon Gift Card, a PayPal payment or check in the mail.

Keep entering to claim your free chances of becoming one of our next winners. We’d be thrilled to add you to our winner list and arrange to send you a fantastic prize, gift card, or cash payment. Just keep crushing those entries to maximize your winning potential. Best wishes for good luck!