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Welcome to SweepsCrush

Welcome to SweepsCrush, a different and fun, 100% free-to-play, online sweepstakes site.

SweepsCrush is where you can enter to win cash, gift cards and other great prizes.  It's where everyday people have the opportunity to win all kinds of awesome prizes. We’re talking about cool stuff and cash prizes like smart televisions, quadcopter drones, gift cards to popular restaurants and retailers like Target and Chilis, and the granddaddy of them all-- COLD HARD CASH! Cause who couldn’t use an infusion of extra cash these days? And we’re not talking about chump change here.

How would you feel about $500 Cash? Because you have the opportunity to claim up to 5 entries each day to win $500 Cash on SweepsCrush. And we will defintely award this $500 to one lucky winner every time the sweepstakes is run on our site.  

We’ve got a HUGE prize that is way bigger - our $125,000 Cash Sweepstakes!!! We know that $125,000 Cash is life-changing money so we’re super pumped to run this sweeps contest.  And it resets each night just after midnight, so you have the opportunity to claim daily entries to win this big cash prize.

Are you ready to play for real cash and prizes that could change your life for the better? We sure hope so. 

Thank you for checking out SweepsCrush. We’re so happy to bring this site to you. We hope you fun.

Good luck!