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Quadcopter Drone Winner - Darlene B - October 28, 2021

It’s another exciting win and we’re simply ecstatic to announce Darlene B. of Kokomo, Indiana, just added her name to our SweepsCrush Winners List after she won the Quadcopter Drone prize drawing on October 28, 2021! What an awesome win, and just in time to use it for some Halloween fun! That would certainly be thrilling if you hovered over your front door with a basket full of treats tied to your Quadcopter for the kiddos to pick from when they come trick or treating this year! You’d no doubt go down in history as the coolest house in the neighborhood to get Halloween candy from! And the even cooler part is, you can watch from your phone or other smart device to see how excited and surprised all the children are and even snap some photos to share with their parents on your neighborhood social media page!

That’s just one idea of ways you can enjoy some genuine fun with this super cool prize and we’re so glad you crushed your entries and won it, Darlene! If you weren’t already the coolest mom ever, we’re sure you are now! This is a prize for people of all ages, so we know you’ll have many enjoyable times with it and lots of family fun too! The more you use it, the more ways you’ll discover to enjoy it, since there are a lot of fun ways to use it. You can even fly it up to the rooftop to inspect your roof, check to see if the gutters need cleaning, or see if that noise you heard is a squirrel, bird, or raccoon!

You can also take arial view photos of your house and property or anything you want a bird’s eye view of. Just imagine seeing your favorite trees and garden from the sky! That would certainly make for some interesting photos you could even print and frame to hang on your wall or give as gifts to family and friends. The more you play with your new Quadcopter, the more ways you’ll discover to have fun with it, so we hope you have many great times enjoying it and wish you congrats from all of us at SweepsCrush!

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