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SweepsCrush – October 2021 Sweeps Crushing Wins!

It’s certainly been another fantastic month here at SweepsCrush and we’re excited to showcase our October winners! Don’t forget, we give $20 away every day to someone  and all you have to do to qualify is visit our site and enter the giveaway! There's never any obligation or fee - just enter to claim your opportunities to win. We’ll send you a winner email if you’re chosen to win the daily cash prize!

Alan G. in Los Angeles, California, won the $20 daily cash on October 1! That could definitely come in handy to buy lunch for you and a buddy at your favorite Taco Tuesday place! John P. in Houston, Texas, may be heading to his favorite barbecue joint with the $20 daily cash he won on October 10. Who says there’s no such thing as free lunch?! MegAnn J. from Monticello, Arkansas, also has an extra $20 in hand since she won the giveaway on October 14. That could pay for a relaxing manicure! Muniram D. of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, also got that surprise $20 daily winner email message from us for winning on October 17! Perhaps you’ll meet up with your friends for Happy Hour after work and enjoy a fun time together! Charles H. from Piscataway, New Jersey, just might be ordering his favorite Jersey pizza pie with the $20 cash he won on October 29! Congrats to everyone who opened a surprise email from us and found $20 waiting to be collected! It’s always fun winning and having extra cash can come in handy no matter what you use it to pay for!

We offer our winners three easy ways to collect their prize(s). You can choose to accept payment via PayPal, as an electronic Amazon gift card or a check by mail. You may be surprised how many thousands of items you can find for $20 or less if you choose to take payment via an Amazon gift card. (It's really fun to find ways to spend money you win.)

Donald F. of Pensacola, Florida, is also having fun, we’re sure, since he can enjoy some free meals at Chili’s with the $50 Chili's gift card he won on October 7! That can go a long way with all the specials they offer including lunch choices, happy hour specials, meals for two, appetizers and sides, burgers, salads and soups, or some pretty tasty entrees including TexMex favs. There’s so much to enjoy at Chili’s and we hope you savor every delicious bite with somebody you love to dine with, Donald!

It sure is a happy time for Victor S. from Phoenix, Arizona, who can sit back and enjoy everything he loves to watch even more now that he has the super amazing 50” UHD Smart TV since being chosen as the winner on October 14. Once you have a Smart TV, there’s no going back to the old way of tuning in to your favorite programs! Now you can stream till your hearts content and not have to worry about missing a single sight or sound with a lightening fast processor, perfect clarity and access to the top tier streaming services right at your fingertips! Whether it’s HULU or Netflix, Disney+ or Discovery+, or your wife wants to watch the Hallmark Channel or her favorite shows on Food Network, there’s something for the whole family to enjoy so be sure to grab that smart remote before the kids find out! Enjoy!

Cynthia B. from Orange City, Florida, can crush her entries even faster wherever she goes since she’s our winner of the Kindle Fire 7 Tablet October 21 prize drawing! This is a very cool prize we love to give away since it’s so portable and you can accomplish a lot on this one small device. Whether you need to keep in touch with friends and family, read your favorite book on the go or tucked in before bedtime, snuggle up to stream your must watch tv programs and movies, surf the web, check your email, shop online, take photos and videos of a family gathering or your favorite nature spot, you can do your favorite things from this one convenient tablet device! 

Don't forget, we have plenty of giveaways coming up! 

Just be sure to submit your entries with your favorite email address so we can easily contact you if you’re chosen in one of our prize drawings. Good luck! Wt’s a win-win to enter for free every day to win cash and prizes on SweepsCrush!