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What's In A Name?

Why do we call ourselves "SweepsCrush"?

Great question. By definition, the word crush is probably seen as a negative, being defined as, "to squeeze or force by pressure", or "to squeeze together into one mass".  Crushing is, by definition a verb that is used to describe a very forceful action.

It can also be used to "to subdue" or "cause significant pain". In these cases, the word CRUSH is used to define something that was ended or stopped with great force and intent. Again, not such a positive use of the word.

So, why did we name ourselves SweepsCrush?  Because, in today's world, the word CRUSH is also used to define and represent something awesome.  Like when one of us came home from a weekend at the casino and said, "I crushed it, look at all of this cash I won".  Or, when one of kids came home from an exam and was so excited about doing well he said, "I crushed that test, so let's celebrate". THIS is the kind of CRUSH that we are - SweepsCRUSH is a site where you can easily enter to win and CRUSH it. (In a good way.)

So, go ahead, enter today, and every day and we hope that you can CRUSH your sweepstakes goals.