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How Do I Know If I Win?

How do you know if you win?  This is a common question and one that's really easy to answer.  If you win, you will receive a "winner notification" email from SweepsCrush that goes to the email address that you used to enter the giveaway.  

We only notify winners via email - this is part of the rules of the SweepsCrush giveaways.  Since we like to (and have to) follow the rules, we can only notify you via email.  And this is the biggest reason why you should only enter to win with the email address you use and check most often.  So if you win, you'll get the "winner notification" email and can claim your prize.

It's crazy, but we do have winners who never claim their prizes.  Most often the reason is because the winner notification email is either unread or the person just doesn't respond, likely because it's in an email inbox they don't check often.  So, that prize sits unclaimed and its a real bummer for us, and for the winner who never gets to collect their prize.  And, yes, it even happens on bigger prizes.  We're sweepstakes industry veterans and its' happened where we have had big cash prizes that have not been claimed.  So, don't let this happen to you - enter to win with your primary email address and make sure you can get that winner notification email if your name is selected as a winner.

And, don't ask if we can text, send you a letter, call you, or show up at your door. As much as we love to travel, we're not the type to show up with a big fake check.  We just want to get you your prize. By email.

Good luck!