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Why We Created a Big Cash Prize

The SweepsCrush team LOVES picking and awarding prizes.  We talk about how we can create and offer giveaways that are fun and exciting.  And - ALWAYS - 100% free to enter. So, in developing our prize list, we wanted to go big - to CRUSH expectations.  And that's how we came up with our biggest sweepstakes, the $125,000 sweepstakes.  

Think about it.  You have a shot to win $125,000; every day.  And on top of that you can enter to win 5 times daily, with no obligation. Ever.  We would LOVE to award this $125,000 so we also wake up early each morning and check to see if there's a winner.  Someday soon, we hope, that will happen.  And when it does, there's still going to be another giveaway opportunity that day because this $125,000 giveaway resets each night at midnight.  Take advantage of your 5 daily entries and enter today, and every day.

What's $125,000 good for?  Well, it's how you can CRUSH your debt, pay off bills, setup your financial stability and CRUSH some fun goals too.  Seriously, imagine if you win and can pay bills, pay down debt, setup a savings account AND have some fun.  That would be a great SweepsCrush kind of day.   

We had many a conversation about what each of us would do if we were to win this kind of money.  Dreams included new trucks, fast cars, new homes, crazy vacations, paying off credit cards, renovation projects, a never ending keg in the office and even a massive party that may or may not include private plane service to Las Vegas.  We can dream, and so can you.  What would you do if you were a $125,000 giveaway winner?  Take a minute to think about it, and while you do, make sure to use today's 5 entries and make a note in your calendar to enter to win every day.

Good luck!  And make sure to check out all of the great prizes on SweepsCrush.