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SweepsCrush $500 Winner – September 9, 2021

SweepsCrush $500 Winner Bettie B. of Sacramento, California – September 9, 2021

We’re so delighted to announce the $500 cash giveaway winner on September 9th was Bettie B. of Sacramento, California! We couldn’t be more delighted to award this awesome cash prize to you, Bettie, and hope you fully enjoy having all that cash to spend any way you choose to!

Bettie is our first winner of the $500 cash prize, but certainly won’t be the last since we are running this sweepstakes again and you can claim up to 5 daily opportunties to enter for the chance to become the next lucky $500 cash prize winner! 

$500 is a sizeable amount of cash to have on hand and there are so many fantastic ways you can enjoy spending it. You could enjoy some serious retail therapy! You could also lounge around at home and shop online at your favorite retailers like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Wayfair, Amazon, or anywhere you just love to browse and treat yourself to things you want to buy!

Of course, you can use that cash for whatever you’d like so if paying off some bills is what makes you happy, by all means, go for it! You could do a little of both. That way you can feel good about using some of it in practical ways like paying off some of your debt, but also treat yourself to some special things since you did win that cash and it’s yours free and clear to spend on whatever you’d like!

You might even head to your favorite tasting room and treat yourself and a friend to a relaxing afternoon at one of the fabulous local wineries! With more than 200 wineries right in your backyard, we’re sure you must have your favorites all picked out! You could even place an order for curbside pickup and spend some time in your favorite outdoor spot to enjoy a great day in the sunshine while you indulge in something delicious and catch up on old times together! You might even pack a picnic basket and head to your favorite lake to spread out on the grass and really relax and unwind!

Whatever you plan to do with your prize money, Bettie, we hope you have a really great time spending it! Thanks for entering and just remember, there are plenty more chances for you to keep entering and claim all your free opportunities to enter to win another fantastic prize!

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