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SweepsCrush $500 Winner March 2022

The luck o’ the Irish certainly smiled upon SweepsCrusher, Jay S., when he won our $500 Cash Prize on March 17, 2022! What a fantastic surprise that is to get in your email and we’re sure you may have done a little Irish dance when you saw that message! Now you have all that cash to spend on whatever you want! That could cover your bills, pay for household expenses like groceries and supplies, or you could splurge and go on a fun shopping spree to buy some things you’ve had on your wish list!

You might even decide to take a long weekend to getaway from the daily routine and relax for a while since you can pay for it with your prize money! That makes it even better when you don’t have to dip into your savings or spend your paycheck to have some enjoyment! You may even decide to throw a party and invite your favorite people to celebrate with you! It’s always fun having those winner bragging rights, and you sure did earn them! Your family and friends may be surprised to find out how real it is to win on SweepsCrush! Don’t forget to show them your name on the winner’s list. And then you might even tell them how simple it is to enter and claim your opportunities to win any of our sweepstakes. We just love awarding prizes, and we are completely thrilled to send that $500 cash prize to you, Jay! No matter how you plan to spend it, we’re sure you must be pretty excited to win, and we hope you fully enjoy it!

For those who may be a wee bit jealous you didn’t win this time around, there’s no need to fret. We’ve reset the $500 Sweepstakes and you can claim 5 free entries every single day until it closes again, and we choose a new winner! That’s one of the fabulous things about our site. We love giving away cash and prizes so much, when someone wins, we offer those free chances again for someone else to win next!

While you’re here be sure to check out all the great prizes we have to offer and enter each one every day. We give five entries per prize per day. It’s always completely free to enter, and there is absolutely no cost whatsoever to collect your prize or cash if you are selected as a winner. In fact, everything on SweepsCrush is always 100% free so you’ve got nothing to lose and spending a few minutes of your time each day could very well pay off in a big way!

Our top prize of $125,000 cash gives you the opportunity to win each night. Since drawings are held at random from all of the entries we receive when each sweep closes, you just never know which will be selected as the winner. By entering every day, you give yourself the opportunity to hold the winning entry and, if you are chosen, we will send you a winner email notice so you can easily collect your winnings! That is definitely something to look forward to and we certainly look forward to notifying our winners because it just makes our day to make our sweepers happy with a great prize award!

We wish you all the good luck in the world for success at becoming one of our next winners and hope you enjoy entering for the fun giveaways we offer. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @SweepsCrush and feel free to drop a comment to say hello! We’d be happy to hear from you and find out which prizes you’d love to become the winner of or hear from you if you already are among our list of winners! Whether you have already won or not, there are always more opportunities for you to enter.  Be sure not to miss them! We’d be delighted to send you a winner email and great prize award!