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SweepsCrush $20 Daily Cash Giveaway

We’re so delighted so many sweepers have joined in on the excitement for 100% free opportunities to win cash and fun prizes! This includes a fun daily giveaway as we give away $20 to one lucky person each day! Granted, it’s certainly not the top prize, but who wouldn’t want a free twenty-dollar bill to spend on anything you’d like to?!

With $20 extra in your wallet you could put gas in your car, buy some lunches at your favorite drive-thru like Taco Tuesdays at Taco Bell or hit the dollar menu at McDonalds for breakfast and lunch a few days of the week! You could also use it to get a hair cut at your favorite barber shop or get your nails done at your favorite salon! If you choose an Amazon Gift Card, which is one of our three easy ways to collect your prize money, you can choose from thousands upon thousands of items for $20 or less!

You could also use your $20 prize money to help someone in need and pay it forward to your favorite local charity, food bank or animal shelter. Someone in need would see $20 as a small fortune! It’s always a kind gesture to pay it forward and you never know what that good karma could bring your way in exchange!

Congrats to everyone who has received that surprise email message with $20 to collect whichever way you’ve chosen from our three easy options of: a check by mail, a PayPal payment, or an Amazon Gift Card! You can always gift your Amazon card to someone else if you’d like to give it away to help a family member, friend or even buy some household items or pet supplies for your favorite local shelter. You might even give it to someone as a birthday or holiday gift if you want to share it with someone you love!

So, you see, $20 can go a long way if you let your imagination take you wherever $20 can do the most good, even if that means buying yourself lunch or ordering a pizza or Chinese food delivery so you can relax and not worry about cooking dinner for the night!

Keep entering to win $20 on SweepsCrush every day.  The prize drawing is held just after midnight eastern every night. If you’re chosen as the winner, we’ll send you a winner notification email and offer you three easy ways to collect your prize payment absolutely free of charge!

We do give this cash prize away every day! On top of that, we offer free entries to win other fantastic prizes. Just be sure to use your favorite email address, meaning the one you check the most frequently, so you don’t miss out on a potentially important prize winner notification from us.

Congratulations to some of our most recent $20 Daily Cash Prize Winners including: Stephanie S. of Van Nuys, California; Denise R. of Waldorf, Maryland; Jennifer D. of Hartford, Connecticut; Kuniko T. of Cleveland, Ohio, James H. of Rockland, Illinois; Michael S. of Clifton, Colorado and everyone else who found that surprise email in their inbox and collected that free cash to enjoy however they wanted to!

Don’t forget that you have the opportunity to enter up to 5 times per day for your chance to win our top prize of $125,000, which could be life-changing! We also offer 5 free daily entries for chances to win an assortment of other amazing giveaways such as $500 Cash, a super impressive 50” UHD Smart TV, gift cards and other fun stuff!

Good luck.  We hope we to see your name on our winners page very soon!